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Portable Solar Light Power Bank


Colour : Red

Watt :  20

Type : C




WRK: Features:

1.Solar powered emergency lights

2. High power led chips, new technology high brightness

3. Solarcharge, ust charge

4 Charge to mibile and power baitk

5.4rvels brightness.

6. Magnatic suction function T.Portable husk mere Convenient

Red blue flash for emergency case.
[8:34 AM, 4/16/2024] WRK: Sure! Here’s an attractive content piece for your e-commerce store product listing for the “LED Portable Solar Light Power Bank”:

### *LED Portable Solar Light Power Bank*

Illuminate your adventures with our versatile and eco-friendly *LED Portable Solar Light Power Bank*. Designed for the modern explorer, this dual-function device not only lights up your space but also keeps your mobile devices charged and ready to go.

#### *Key Features:*

– *Solar-Powered Brilliance*: Stay lit in any emergency with solar-powered lights. Perfect for unexpected power outages or outdoor trips.

– *High-Power LED Chips*: Experience unmatched brightness thanks to cutting-edge high-power LED chips. Light up the dark with new technology that’s both powerful and efficient.

– *Easy Solar Charging*: Harness the power of the sun! With our easy solar charging capability, you’re never far from a power source. Just expose to sunlight and recharge.

– *Mobile Charging Capability*: Keep your mobile devices fully charged with our power bank feature. Whether you’re navigating the great outdoors or need a boost during power cuts, stay connected.

– *Adjustable Brightness Levels*: Choose from four levels of brightness to find the perfect illumination for any situation. Each setting designed to conserve energy while providing ample light.

– *Magnetic Suction Function*: With a handy magnetic suction feature, place your light where you need it most – ideal for hands-free operation.

– *Emergency Flash Mode*: Equipped with a red and blue flash function, signal for help or alert others in critical situations.

#### *Product Description:*

Make your life easier with the LED Portable Solar Light Power Bank. It’s not just a tool but a companion for all your outdoor adventures and emergency needs. Lightweight, portable, and built with a sturdy, user-friendly design, it’s the ultimate accessory for every household and travel kit. Ready when you are, wherever you are – because convenience should never be left in the dark.

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